I am grateful to these authors for their testimonials!

John Fullerton’s Amazon page

(Amazon keyword package)

“With immense patience and good humour, Nicky explained in layman’s language how these matters work and helped me with my first tentative steps onto what seems to be the road to successful and profitable advertising. To my immense surprise, the process – which I’d dreaded – turned out to be fun. Nicky is a likeable, modest and generous person who gives much more than she takes. Thank you!”

Paula Lofting Amazon page
(Amazon keyword package)

“Nicky has helped me put together a fabulous ad campaign and talked me through it, holding my hand and helping me understand how Amazon ads work. Couldn’t recommend any one else! Great work and a great price!”

Richard Dee
Amazon page
(Amazon keyword overhaul package)

“Ribbonworld has seen a 200% increase in free downloads since I changed the things you suggested.”

Richard Stephenson Clarke
Presents of Mind
(Advice on marketing, e-book formatting, general publishing process support)

“Nicky has encouraged me and assisted in many stages of the production and marketing of my first book, moving it forwards but without rushing me.
There was a lot to do, but Nicky made it seem more possible. Nicky  has provided the skills that I lacked, particularly online, while respecting the uniqueness of the work and my individuality as an author, and she also produced the ebook to a pleasing quality.”

Bernie Ekberg
Capturing Cornwall
(Advice on marketing and general publishing process)

“Thank you for the superb marketing plan…I thought writing a book was fun, but this part of it I am not enjoying, however having your help makes a terrific difference.”